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The good effects of Ginkgo Biloba... - Herbal Magick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The good effects of Ginkgo Biloba... [Jun. 20th, 2007|11:33 am]
Herbal Medicine


Wow I see no post in almost a year! well anyhow here is something I found on a site of Gayam.com
What happened is that over the week-end I had a strong allergic reaction just after dinner. I started having this rash all over my body (starting at the arm pits). The only thing that I had eaten that was unusual was this red wine that looked kind of extremely dark, much darker than usual. So I guess I might got allergy to sulfites which are in red wine, aged cheeze, grape skin,canned tomatoes (never again!)... (but in extremely high concentration in red wine, as it is added to conserve it) ... anyhow it went away within 2 days. The Dr. gave me pills of steroid which I did not take, as I saw it went away by itself. Then I made a search to find out what was that... and now I see Gingko Could help maybe... :

Alternatives to Synthetic Allergy Drugs
Antihistamine and decongestant medicines are meant to block the histamine reaction causing the allergic symptoms. In more severe cases, steroid inhalant sprays may be recommended.

But you may not have to face a lifetime of taking pharmaceuticals. Many allergy sufferers find effective relief in natural supplements.

# Quercetin and vitamin C can act as natural antihistamines.
# Parsley can also inhibit the secretion of histamine.
# Ginkgo biloba contains chemicals that may block platelet activating factor (PAF), which plays a role in triggering allergies.
# To decrease the inflammation often associated with allergy symptoms, anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger, turmeric and Boswellia may be considered.

[User Picture]From: bluedragon70
2007-06-20 03:46 pm (UTC)
thank you this information is very useful and comes at a good time. My boyfriend is having problems with allergies and he doesn't like to take meds either.
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