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Cayenne and other stuff - Herbal Magick [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cayenne and other stuff [Apr. 26th, 2006|03:13 pm]
Herbal Medicine


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Hello -

I am looking for references or resources to study about the pros and cons of cayenne for medicinal purposes. What it's usually used for, what quantities, and what happens if too much is used, or if it is mixed with another herb.

Specifically: I made a tea out of - shavegrass (diuretic); chickweed (diuretic, and weight loss); ginger (I seem to have loaned out that reference book to recall what I used the ginger for); cayenne (I read once that it was to REDUCE blood pressure - now I'm hearing it is a stimulant and is used for RAISING blood pressure - GAH!); and honey.

Does a homemade herbal tea grow too strong if it isn't drunk within a specific amount of time? Can the herbs end up being toxic with time (as in, sitting in a pitcher in the fridge)? Regular black or green tea can be in the refrigerator with little more danger than just eventually going rancid. What about the herbals?

I'll be crossposting this in a few pertinent communities - please forgive the multiples.

Not necessarily looking for anyone to do my research for me - just point me in the right direction, but if you have some knowledge about these particular things, I would of course be glad to have your input.

Thanks so much.